ProDesign Logo Give-Away!

I’m so excited to show the first entry for our ProStrata-G Logo Give-Away! Kyra Pelletier started KeP Fit Personal Training in 2013. She enjoys the relationships that come with personal training, including friendships with her long term clients, who share her philosophy of healthy living. Located in Sage Creek, Kyra invites you to come check out her facebook page for more info:

Kep Fit Features:

  • All Fitness Levels - modification support

  • Age Inclusive - youth to seniors

  • Family inclusive

  • Fat Loss - Nutrition Coach

  • Variety of Workouts

  • Full Body Cardio and Strength Training

  • One-on-one/Semi-private Coaching available

Logo Design


The battery: A modern symbol that represents energy levels, indicates when we need to “recharge”, and when we are “at capacity”. As a health conscious person, these “indicators” are crucial for our well being.

The battery is also indicative of what proper nutrition can do for our bodies as well. The battery, as seen in the logo, is not at 100%, showing there is always room for improvement, and that our life choices do not have to be “perfect” at all times


Bright and Vibrant – gender neutral – family appeal

Secondary Colour:

Black – simple balancing colour, great for making bright colours “pop”


Inclusive and approachable. Representing power, health, internal and external strength. Friendly and supportive.


Heavy font, suggesting stability and strength. The font is neither masculine or feminine, and suggests inclusivity. The font has a subtle balance of curves (feminine) and sharp lines (masculine).

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