The Fire Behind the ProStrata-G Name.

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Last week we lost our friend, our co-worker, our business partner, and founder, Jason Stufko (1977-2020).

Jason started his accounting career with a large national accounting firm. He provided accounting services to 100s of small businesses while travelling the Manitoba and Ontario countryside. His passion was abundant and obvious to all who knew him. His clients came to rely on his professional approach, his keen understanding of numbers, and his strong commitment to educating owners about their record books and how it applied to tax compliance.

In 2019, Jason joined his partners Melanie Meilleur and Nate Brideau to build their own small business called ProStrata-G. It was his passion for business, and imparting of knowledge that inspired our final name; ProStrata-G. (Pronounced Pro Strategy). Jason truly was the fire in our name.

When working to find the right name for our business, several ideas were considered. Jason was drawn to the greek god Prometheus. According to mythology, Prometheus was the Titan god of fire. He is credited with the creation of humanity from clay. Legend says, Prometheus defied the gods by stealing fire from Zeus and giving it to humankind. Known for his intelligence and for being a champion of humankind, he was a teacher, and helped develop civilization and in-turn business and trade. Our goal, as a small company was to provide pro-active tax planning and implement bookkeeping strategies for success; also known as a Stratagem or Strategy. After much debate, the words Prometheus and Stratagem were combined to PRO-STRATA-G.

Jason’s passion and the legend of Prometheus is represented in our flame. We have and will carry this flame with pride as we stride to provide small business owners the knowledge they need to succeed through three prongs; bookkeeping, planning and implementation. The 3 partners and our three prong approach are shown as three distinct sections of our flame - Blue, white and yellow.

We recognize Jason as our very own ProStrata-G legend. In his honour we carry “the torch” and burn a bright flame for the future.

Our team extends our greatest sympathies to those who knew him. We encourage you to leave a memory or condolences for his family, and friends, and all his colleagues past and present that knew the loving generosity of Jason Stufko. He will be greatly missed.

Until the next audit, dear friend.

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