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Who are we? How did we get here?

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

ProStrata-G Team: Left Back: Nate Brideau Right Back: Jason Stufko Front: Melanie Meilleur

Nate Brideau and Jason Stufko have worked in the Tax Preparation service industry for a combined 20+ years. Both were top performers, helping 100s of small businesses each year with bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation. Driven by passion for small business, Nate and Jason were unconcerned with the mounting duties that came with their position. They worked for a large firm and pledged their time to their small business clients without question. They were needed.

In 2018, the high-stress situations, heavy drive times, and long hours forced Nate and Jason to reconsider the industry effectiveness for clients. Could they really provide their best this way? Was there a better approach?

Melanie Meilleur, a graphic designer by trade, has worked in the Desktop Publishing industry since 1997 and in past years has offered freelance marketing, branding and design services on a freelance basis. She has witnessed the booming Canadian publishing industry challenged by international outsourcing noting that the personable aspect of design industry has all but disappeared.

They were 3 professionals, suddenly facing significant changes in their respective industries. Nate and Jason were forced to sever their employment, knowing a rushed approach meant they could not help small businesses in the ways those businesses so desperately needed. Melanie wanted to devote her time to her freelance and small business branding. ( What started as a discovery session for appropriate financial software for Melanie's design company, ended with a challenging discussion. What was missing in the bookkeeping industry for small businesses? What did "real service" mean?

Melanie officially changed her business name from “Ye Olde Pixel Shoppe” to “ProStrata-G” in 2018. Jason, Melanie and Nate knew they could help the small businesses struggling all around them. All clients deserve non-hurried, helpful service, at an attainable cost. They set out to create a new experience - with communication and face-to-face service at it's core.

ProStrata-G adopted Quickbooks Online as the main bookkeeping engine, and Nate and Jason went to work, travelling around Manitoba once more - with a brand new view on service. Melanie began building a brand for ProStrata-G and communicating with other small businesses to understand the bookkeeping industry shortfalls. What emerged from their collective experience was a revolutionary approach to bookkeeping allowing clients to reap the benefits of accurate, up-to-date, tax compliant records, maintained by an invested and “happy” bookkeeping professional.

Are you looking for a new approach to small business bookkeeping?

Nate and Jason look forward to understanding your small business, and your unique bookkeeping issues. Contact ProStrata-G today! 204-594-4214

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